Take safety to the next level

Transportation accidents and workplace safety issues harm thousands of workers and cost billions of dollars each year. Manage by exception to ensure the highest safety standards. Replace pencil-and-paper clipboards with real-time dashboards for data-driven management. With CoInspect, you can perform mobile vehicle inspections, driver assessments, and defect reports to protect your assets.

Streamline audits and speed up operations

CoInspect streamlines operations by cutting audit times in half, and saves time by automating your audit reports. CoInspect helps you take preventative and corrective measures based on analytics. Use CoInspect to speed up safety checks and ensure accountability across your team.

Maximize compliance

Deploy CoInspect’s easy-to-use mobile app in minutes. CoInspect trains your frontline workers on job requirements with example photos, reference videos, and multilingual content. With CoInspect, you can identify and address issues to avoid injuries, costly delays and maximize compliance. Identify areas for improvement and train employees by looking at trends across your workforce and fleet.

Track, train and improve

CoInspect helps you track safety and quality issues across vehicles and teams. Identify areas for improvement and highlight exceptional team members. Get ahead of issues with real-time notifications and advanced reporting.

Excellence at your fingertips

CoInspect gives your team members the latest safety protocols and compliance requirements at their fingertips. CoInspect’s push-notifications keep your employees up to date on the latest company-wide initiatives. With visibility into job execution, you can ensure operational excellence across your fleet.

Rapid resolution

CoInspect gives you real-time notifications when critical safety issues or defects come up, or if your team performance drops. Receive email or text alerts to automate communication and respond faster -- reducing down-time and errors while improving job outcomes.